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I got to put something in here. so I'll tell you how good I used to be. I started racing in th 80's driving an Appendix J EH Holden that was a ton of fun. Special thanks to Diane and Garry because with out them there would have been no racing at all.  I was lucky that when I had the EH I got accross to Perth and Adelaide but more of that later .After I ran out of cash I sold the car and got a Clubman Kart and I only wish I had did this the other way around I lernt so much driving that kart on the tar. I then ran a speedway Clubman kart around the Cent Coast. I then stupidly move to Qld. The only good thing about Qld was that I made some good friends and got into formula 500 speedway racing. I am no longer living in Qld . On leaving I sold all my race gear. However I couldn't help myself and  I now have a Clubman kart in the shed ready to go. I can't wait to drive the wheels off it. So if your at your local kart track between Picton and Newcastle and see someone who looks like thay are out of control it just may be me under that helmet.





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